Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Transmagnetic stimulation in treatment of peripartum depression-three case series

Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology 2014; 24: Supplement S246-S246
Read: 417 Published: 17 February 2021

Transmagnetic stimulation (TMS) is effectively used in the treatment of peripartum depression. It is obvious that it is a safer treatment option particularly in pregnancy and breast feeding period. Our aim is to highlight TMS efficiency with three cases. These three patients were all diagnosed as “Depressive Disorder”. The patients received 50 stimuli each consists of 20 pulses (total 1000 pulses) onto the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex with the power level of 80%, and frequency of 20 Hz. After the treatment, the symptoms including anhedonia, suicidal thoughts were improved. As a conclusion, these results suggest that TMS should be used in peripartum depression. Further studies are needed in this era.

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