Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology
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The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Psychological Status of Hospital Workers


Gazi University School of Medicine,Department of Emergency, Ankara


Gazi University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Ankara, Turkey

Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology 2020; 30: 264-272
DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200706082158
Read: 819 Downloads: 510 Published: 20 January 2021

Background: The aim of this study was to determine the levels of disaster related depression, anxiety and stress symptoms and the affecting factors for hospital workers.

Methods: This cross-sectional survey study was conducted in a pandemic hospital between April 8, 2020 and April 14, 2020 in Turkey. The survey included demographics, 18 situations containing seven main themes (health status, vulnerability, work, isolation, income, knowledge, and media) and the Depression Anxiety Stress-21 scale (DASS-21). A multiple regression model was constructed to define the factors associated with the presence of any level depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms.

Results: In total, 1129 participants completed the survey. Of all participants, 22.5% had various levels of depression, 23.6% had anxiety, and 20.3% had stress. Female gender, previous diagnosed psychiatric disease, and request for psychological support were common factors associated with the presence of depression, anxiety, and stress. Health status, vulnerability, income, and media as the main themes were also common factors related to the three psychological conditions of hospital workers.

Conclusions: The study results demonstrated that one in every five hospital workers struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms at any level, and there was a significant relationship between certain factors and these psychological conditions.

To cite this article: Yas Coskun S, Bildik F, Aslaner MA, Aslan S, Keles A, Kilicaslan I, Yazla M, Demircan A. The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Psychological Status of Hospital Workers. Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology 2020;30(3):264-272

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